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SellDesks enables office providers to use digital & interactive Floor Plans as sales and marketing tools.

Floor Plan Engine

Create professional floor plans to use in proposals, marketing materials and business intelligence. Step away from flat, boring proposals and use powerful visual material designed to help your clients make decisions and connect with real estate professionals.


Proprietary Technology

Floor Plan Engine is unique, there’s nothing else like this out there. Attempts to imitate the concept have fallen short in every aspect.

Floor Plans Anywhere

Cloud based computing ensures secure access to all your floor plans. Anytime. Anywhere.

Versatile & Easy

Applications are endless. Using our stand-alone tool will give you a variety of modules and reports to work with. The tool is under constant development to adapt to user needs.

Outstanding Design & User Interface

Our team of in-house designers and draftsmen ensure every floor plan is perfect to the last detail. Use the tool once and you’ll never go back to the old, dated ways of promoting your location.

Reliable & Secure

SellDesks operates its own redundant servers. Always on – always ready.

Lighting Fast Turnaround

We can get you up and running on your schedule. New locations and space reconfigurations are delivered in days, not weeks.

Our Team

We love technology and how it solves real problems to improve our lives.

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